Machinery Auctions

machinery auctions

We conduct machinery auctions for used equipment for sale including heavy construction, industrial, oilfield, farm, and trucking industries. Our worldwide reach creates a competitive marketplace.

When heavy equipment is a solid portion of your company's assets, getting a good deal for the equipment is directly reflected in your bottom line. Machinery auctions provide a great outlet for both buying and selling heavy machinery, but only if you approach them wisely. Because of the market reach and depth of information available through an online auction, you can get great deals when buying used equipment for your company and reach a wider range of potential buyers for your company's assets when its time to sell. In this piece, we'll discuss why online auctions provide you with the best options for heavy machinery.

By offering your used heavy equipment through an internet auction, you can reach a much larger range of clients over a much wider geographical region. This is especially important if you're selling specialty equipment that may not have enough interested buyers in your area. If you use a local or regional auction company to sell specialized equipment, the potential buyers who show up may not be willing to pay top dollar for your specialized equipment and may even reduce their top bid based on how much they'd have to alter it to work for their operation. Even if you use more generalized equipment, you may not get a good price if the industry in your area is doing poorly. An online machinery auction increases the exposure of your equipment to a wider area and exposes it to buyers who are in an area  where the industry is doing well. You can also answer questions in detail, building bidder confidence that your machinery is top quality.

On the flip side of the coin, you can also realize great benefits when purchasing used heavy machinery using an internet auction. If your business needs specialty equipment, you'll be able to look over offerings from a much wider area and a larger number of sellers, helping you find the exact equipment you need instead of settling for something you would need to adapt to work for your operation. You can also take advantages of downturns in your industry in other parts of the country to purchase great equipment from a downsizing company. Another benefit of online auctions versus live options is the ability to ask questions and gather detailed information about the heavy machinery you're considering purchasing. A live auction takes place very quickly, making it very difficult to request that the oil or transmission fluid be tested, to ask after potentially concerning dents, bends or bad welds that could become a safety issue or to review the maintenance records to ensure the machinery is up to date and has been well maintained. You may be able to schedule an in-depth inspection, either on your own by flying in or through a reputable mechanic who is convenient to the seller's location.

By working through an online auction site to sell or buy heavy equipment, your business can realize serious benefits while minimizing your risk. At, we've spent significant effort into building a solid auction community focused on heavy equipment, providing you with a great place to buy and sell your used equipment.