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2013 TADANO GR550XL-2

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Manufacturer: TADANO; Model: GR550XL-2; Year: 2013; Condition: Used; Description: (2) Avail. Boom: 35.1-113.93 feet and 28.9/ 50 feet jib. Hoist: 2. Block: 55T Block, Wtd. Swivel Hook. Misc: Aux Lifting Sheave, Heater and Aircon, Load Moment Indicator (AML), anti-two block. Condition: Exc lease Return, one customer since new... Drive: 4x4x4. Tires: 23.5x25. Engine: Cummins, T4i. Condition: Exc Lease Return, one customer since new... Located: Ontario Canada, Delivery to most N. America, No Charge.; ; Capacity: 55; Hours: 3200; Drive: N/A; Seller/Location: Lift Source Machinery LTD., 109 N. Post Oak Lne., Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77024 USA Phone: (713) 975-7702