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1948 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N119ED For Sale in Windham, Connecticut 06280

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1948 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N119ED For Sale in Windham, Connecticut  06280

Get ready for your next sky-high adventure with this 1948 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza!  This single-engine aircraft is powered by a Continental E225-8 (Serial #4400927).  This handsome devil features a sleek styling that is dressed in red paint with blue stripes that are accented with white.  It has a total air frame time of 4,915 hours and 712.2 hours since major overhaul.  The total engine time is 2,823.3 hours.  All logs and paperwork since new are included, so you can rest assured that this impressive Beechcraft is ready help you soar to new heights!

This Beechcraft Bonanza is a dream come true for any avid aircraft enthusiast because it has received multiple upgrades that have been implemented with meticulous attention to detail.  Highlights of this plane's completed work, and implemented parts, are as follows:

Engine E-185-8 Continental replaced with Continental E225-8,
230 Bonanza Engine Cowl Door Stainless Steel Fastener Kit,
STC Saolloch Eagle Fuel Cell CS2 - Fuel Cell Valve Kit,
Walker Engineering Aireske STC SA338WE,
Cleveland Wheel and Brake Kit (#199-50 STC SA19GL),
Replaced Plastic Rams Horn Control Wheel with Beechcraft PN co 524080-8 with Adapters,
Installed Oil Filter Kit (CCH48109-1) per STC,
Installed Air Filter (BA7305) per STC,
Installed New Aluminum Front Spare Beechcraft Kit (#33-694, Serial Number 226),
Installed Large Third Window Beechcraft Kit (#35-683-1, Serial Number 220),
Installed 114 inch Glass and Vet Window on Door and Pilot's Side,
Installed Control Wheel Beechcraft Kit (#035-683-1A, Serial Number 159),
Replaced Grimes Roating Beacon on Top of Fuselage with Whelen S-Tec 50 A/P Strobe,
Installed Whelen Wing Tip Strobes on Wings,
Tail Strobe Light Installed,
Engine Complied with STC-SE2003CE (in Regards to Unleaded Auto Fuel),
Kit Improved Instrument Panel Complete with Electronic Gauges,
Kit 86807 Pacaros,
Fuel Light Kit Installed to Keep from Dimming,
Installed Engine Oil Breather Kit,
One-Piece Beryl Aviation 14-inch Windshield (DWG #31610) complete with Side,
BOS Pilot and Co-Pilot Side Windows with Vents,
Electrically Heated Pitot Tubes (22010033) Installed,
60-Amp Alternator,
Horizon Digital Tachometer,
Aircraft Door Seal TSO,

And So Much More!

This 1948 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza has been very well maintained.  With one flight to Europe and one flight to Germany this cultured plan is eager to show you the world with the ability to handle long range flights.  Perfect for an adventurous soul who is looking to make their traveling dreams come true!  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.  Call today for more information on how you can soar to new heights with this 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza!!!

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