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1959 John Deere 820 Tractor For Sale in Artesian, South Dakota 57314

Heavy Equipment- Antique & Farm Equipment

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Take a stroll down memory lane with this 1959 John Deere 820 Tractor!  This antique farm equipment features a strong and distinctive styling that is dressed in the iconic green and yellow color tones for which John Deere is known.  Powered by a 2-cylinder, pony start, diesel engine that features one hydraulic and a standard cab, you can rest assured that this vintage tractor is top of the line.

John Deere has been manufacturing agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment since the nineteenth century.  With years of experience in quality craftsmanship, you can rest assured that nothing runs like a Deere.  In 1957 John Deere introduced the "20 Series" tractors that offered more horsepower and more yellow in the overall paint scheme.  The 820 was the largest available model of this series and it reached a record of 70 horsepower.

This 1959 John Deere 820 Tractor has been well maintained.  It is in good shape and eager to share it's time-tested legacy with you .  This iconic and charming 820 is priced very competitively.  Call today for more information on how this beautiful classic tractor can be yours!!!