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2005 Art's Way 4600 Beet Lifter For Sale in Lancaster, Minnesota 56735

Agriculture & Forestry-Equipment

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If you are in the market for dependable agricultural equipment then this 2005 Art's Way 4600 Beet Lifter is perfect for you!  This lifter comes with reverse rollers on it's header as well as a boom extension.  This machine can accommodate up to six rows at 22 inches, which makes this performance oriented lifter properly suited for any hardworking individual.  Art's Way was founded in 1956 and carries a rich heritage of producing quality agricultural machinery.  In fact, Art's Way carries prestigious recognition from multiple sources for their ground breaking production, including Forbes Magazine in 2008 as being one of the best small companies in America!

This 2005 Art's Way Beet Lifter has been very well maintained.  It is field ready and eager to help you start generating revenue right away.  Make your work load seem lighter!  Call today for more information on how you can put this industrious beet lifter to work for you.