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1929 Rumely Model X Oil Pull Tractor For Sale in Hudson, Michigan 49247

Heavy Equipment-Antique & Vintage Farm

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Posted By   PrivatePartySales
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If you are a true appreciator of farming antiquities then this 1929 Rumely Model X Oil Pull Tractor is perfect for you!  This classic line of farm tractors was developed by the Advance-Rumely Company from 1920 to 1930.  The engine was designed to burn all kerosene grades at any load.  This Model X features a drive train with the gear in the rear and is powered by gasoline.  This Oil Pull is a rare and valuable find for anyone who can truly appreciate the rich heritage supplied by such a timeless piece of equipment.

This 1929 Rumely Model X Oil Pull Tractor is brimming with reminiscence of a simpler time.  It is priced to sell and eager to share it's legacy with the right collector.  Call today for more information on how this antique Model X Oil Pull Tractor can be yours!!!