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2011F-750, winch, pole truck

all factory built, new style hydraulic winch, real nice, iv reduced from $37,500

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Posted By   gared56
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hello, i have a 2011 F-750 oil field pole truck, very, very, nice, 6.7 cum, 140k miles, automatic, 20 to 30
k winch, poles all chains ,boomers, radios, train horns, boxes, new rear tires, tilt, cruise, i just put new batteries on it, factory built, well taken care of. has some cracks in hood and grill, but a real neat truck. the first serious buyer that looks at it
i think will buy it, its a bargain, thanks for looking. mike

make offer, will consider all,consider trade for rollback wrecker.

will take $ 26,500.00, its a steal, come look !

hello, i need to sell, ill take $24,500.00 this is a steal very, very nice truck