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Wielopiła-shaft WALTER TD 500

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Wielopiła-shaft WALTER TD 500




- The height of cut pile 320 mm
- Windrow width 380 mm
- Working width 330 mm
- Feeding table length 3000 mm

- Upper spindle - 1pc
- Lower spindle - 1pc

- Wed circular saw 500 mm

- Engine power spindle drive top - 18 kW

- Engine power spindle lower - 22 kW


- Speed ​​motors (drive drunk) - 2900 rev / min
- Drive motor power feed - 1.1 kW

- Sawdust outlet 160 mm

The machine can work in the processing line in a set of other machines for example. Trak - wielopiła - crosscut

Exceptionally, the machine can be used as a stack cutter to oflisów


Saw blades are mounted on a shaft with a diameter of ø 65 mm, and the distance between the saws are set spacers (dimension of the finished item), the smallest width of the hone is 65 mm, the smallest material length is 1200 mm. The main shaft is supported on both sides. From the drive is mounted in a housing of the oil, but from the saw assembly is disassembled steady.

Treated material (round timber) is transported via the drivers are mounted on a chain which in turn is driven by a gear motor. Spacing of the drivers is variable (by. Needs), the feed speed is infinitely variable gear motor

The main advantages of the machine:


* Stable construction
* Recommendable
* For every professional

Overall dimensions:


- The length of 4550 mm
- Width 1400 mm
- Height 1850 mm

The possibility of retrofitting the machine:


- Sawdust extraction - different types
- Suction hoses - different diameters
- Turbine - different powers
- Discs - Saw (GLOBE or FABA)