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Wide belt sander 2 aggregate DMC

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Wide belt sander 2 aggregate DMC


- The machine in stock

- Max workpiece width 110cm
- Max workpiece height 16cm

- 2 units:


1) unit roller RUBBER
2) The aggregate of the sectional pad combo with a pneumatic thrust

- Rubber rolls, the pressure between units
- Oscillation of the suction belt
- Automatic centering strip
- Potentiometer setting thickness planing

- Feed speed adjustment

- The power of the first unit 18.5 KW
- The power of the second unit 11KW

- Working pressure of 6-8 bar
- The diameter of the nozzle exhaust 2x250 mm

Overall dimensions

- The length of 195cm
- Width 185cm
- Height 215cm

- Weight 1750KG

The main advantages of the machine:

* Stable construction
* Recommendable
* For every professional
* Machine is not painted - original paint

A detailed overview of the standards that we use includes:

- Partial disassembly of the machine
- Checking the technical condition of components and replacement of worn parts
- Change worn belts and bearings
- Cleaning and rust removal of visible steel parts
- Folding device together, commissioning and testing