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An optimizing Dimter OptiCut 450 Super

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An optimizing Dimter OptiCut 450 Super

- The machine in stock
- Perfect condition
- Year 2008
- Feed speed of 300 m / min

Min. Nominal cross-section of 30 mm x 12 mm
Min. Inlet length 500 mm
Min. Incoming automatically fed length of 900 mm
Max. length 6300 mm added
Max. feed speed of 300 m / min
Cutting accuracy up to 1 m cutting length + - 0.8 mm
The accuracy of cutting the cut length of 2.5 m + - 1.5 mm
Min. Cutting length / at the end of the workpiece 110mm - 180mm


• VarioSpeed
• Servo
• Fixed length cutting / removal of defects
• Full optimization of max. Length added:
fixed and variable length features to 8, 16 groups,> 100,000 lengths
• Patented efficient waste gate
• Automatic sorting into 8 sections

The whole apparatus (line) consists of the following stations and units:
1) 3 pieces of solid roller conveyors marking on the roller conveyor to the labeling, luminescent chalk are labeled with the quality and defects of wood. Then the timber, places the label into the top is moved to the next, forward roller conveyor. Adjustable mirror allows you to view the underside of the boards.

2) 3 pieces returning roller conveyors after the marking station from the site marking the wood is moved on the roller conveyor and adjustable head-on at its edge. Then the timber is lowered onto the transport chain.

3) the lateral chain conveyors Using the cross-conveyor moves the timber until the straight edge of the side guide. Transport cross fulfills the role of the buffer magazine. The lower roll of the pull out swings up and raises the timber from the conveyor section. The upper pressure roller is lowered and the timber, by means of the guide roller is to bring the side guide to the next measuring station of the scanner.

4) Measure the length of the camera fluorescent

5) transverse conveyor transverse to the saw

6) Optimization cross saw OptiCut 450 Super

7) Belt conveyor output / sorting station

OptiCut 450 Series offers the fastest cross DimterLine OPTIMIZING for all industry requirements. Positioning at a rapid pace, cutting, sortowanie- and all with maximum use of wood. Modern plants need this wydajności- in cutting length, cutting defects and the optimization. This saw is not only the fastest but also the most reliable, accurate and extremely user friendly. Just set the machine and immediately produce - profitably and with maximum performance also in continuous operation. Machines leader of this technology DimterLine make it possible.