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Edgebander SCM ME20 model

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Edgebander SCM ME20 model
- The machine in stock
- Fully operational, ready to work
- Do not painted - Original paint
- A well-known reputable Italian company SCM
- Year of manufacture 2007
Technical data:
- Dimensions of working table: 1950x300 mm
- The height of working table: 904 mm
- Min./max. edge thickness: 0.4 / 2 mm
- Min./max. workpiece thickness: 10/45 mm
- Min. length / width of the workpiece: 180/65 mm
- Feed speed with independent motor: 5 m / min.
- Speed ​​of the cutter flat with tracers: 12000 rpm.
- Widiowych diameter cutters (cutters flat): 70 mm Z4-15 °
- Diameter holes obciągowych: 120 mm
- Operating temperature: 20-200 ° C
- Engine power feed: 0,18 kW
- Engine power band cutters flat: 0,37 kW
- Total weight: 270 kg
Standard equipment:
- Machine frame consists of a steel monoblock, which provides stability and durability and ensures permanent regulations
- Electrical control panel is placed in the upper part of the machine, facilitating its use in all operating conditions
- Feeding table covered with a material to prevent scratching
- Front telescopic slide with rollers to maintain the surface 1950x550 mm
- Automatic feeding edge of the roll with pneumatic knife off
- Powered and automatic feeding the periphery of the input member
- Automatic shut-off unit with pneumatic locking element to cut the periphery of the front and rear of the
- 3 rollers:
* 1 rubber-coated (fixed)
* 1 rubber-coated (oscillating)
* 1 nylon (constant)
- Electrical enclosure with lockable main switch
- Electronic control of temperature glue, glue temperature decrease to 150 ° with a momentary stop the machine, which prevents the scorched glue (fast reboot).
- Digital temperature readout
- Aluminum tank 5 with the adhesive elements heating the adhesive, which ensures a uniform temperature in the tank, micrometer adjustment amount of glue on the roller distributor (knob) autoregulation projection roller imposing a glue according to the plate height
- Top and bottom milling unit for milling przestającego edges of the top and bottom fitted with chrome shoes Duplicators
- Digital readouts to adjust the cutter
- Magazine on the periphery of the roll-shaped plate with a diameter of 730 mm
- Feed system through the top plate driven feeder
- Adjustable plate height by knob with digital readout, automatic setting of aggregates, depending on the desired height
- A centralized system of ciągowy, nozzle with a diameter of 120 mm
- A filter for long waste
- Limiter on the output of anodized aluminum
- Set to edge processing to a thickness of 2 mm with:
- 4 pairs of rollers in the table
- Adjustable guide at the entrance with digital readout
- Heads of 75 mm profile for R = 2 mm
- Adjustable first pressure roller
Length: 2000mm
Width: 600 mm
Height: 1300 mm