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Bander PERFECT WFB45X3B type of polishing machine !!!

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Bander PERFECT WFB45X3B type of polishing machine !!!
- CE, in stock
- Warranty and post-warranty service
- New machine
- Rim thickness of 0.5 - 2 mm
- The thickness of the veneered boards 12 - 45 mm
- Minimum length of veneered panels 150 mm (> 280)
- Minimum width of veneered boards 90 mm (> 90)
- Feed speed mechanical 6 m / min
- Aggregate kapujący
- Milling unit
- Buffing unit
- Cutting the finishing milling cutter
- Team zaoblania trimming and finishing corners
- Team pinch rollers szt.-4
- Round the periphery of the full thickness of 0.5-2mm
- Speed ​​milling 11000 rpm
- Milling edge tool-Φ72-Z-6 radius R1.5
- Adhesive temperature of 120 - 220 ° C
- Tank capacity of 1.2 l
- The time to heat the adhesive approx. 20 min
- Installed capacity in 2350
- Compressed air pressure 6 - 8 bar
- Dimensions:
* Length of 2780 m
* Width of 1000 m
* Height of 1180m
- Weight 400 kg
- Zaoblanie corners cutter, not a simple ball
Binder (bander) is used for wrapping ready-edge elements of furniture traditionally rim of elastofolu (standotronem) as well as the rim of PVC and ABS.
The hot melt adhesive during the straight edge banding is applied to the disc which is then pressed against the belt. This solution is very good because it stuck to the rim of the plate significantly reduces dirt and causes a very strong glue. A great advantage of such a sticking on furniture and in particular the thin rim does not occur wciągi taśmy- surface is smooth.