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-Year Built 2009 with two staggered Pilami automatically

Trackwide 340 mm (Spikes)
Cutting width 310 mm
The length of the workpiece min. 480 mm
Clearance width max.800 mm
Width clearance on the right side piły150 mm
Cutting height / pivot płly:

- Without shoe dociskajacego115 mm

- The sectional pad 100 mm

Cutting height / WIELOPIŁA:

- No clamping shoe 130 mm
- The sectional pad 115 mm

Main engine 55 kW
Spindle speed 3900 U / min
Feed motor 3 kW
Feed speed 8-80 m / min
The diameter of the saw blade min / max.250 / 380 mm
The diameter of the inner hole saw blade 80 mm

Spindle height blade adjusted electronically
Spindle diameter 65 mm
Dodtkowa sleeve (Wielopiła)
2 sleeves moving each one saw

Bush has renewed

Positioning system for smooth adjustment of moving blades 2

2. PROFICUT control system for controlling two bushings drink
SPS control; 100 places software on each pivot pile,

-Dotykowy Control panel RipAssist for PROFICUT 1/2

The program to optimize the width of the cutting operation of the joystick and touch panel

Laser-Line 1 fixed and 2 mobile, adjustable, synchronized with rearranging drink


Machine dimensions (LxWxH)

2200x1900x2000 mm

Machine weight approx. 3400 kg

The trays podawczo-receiving RaiMech E5

Conveyor belt:

Conveyor length / width - 2800 mm / 600 mm
0.75 kW motor
The belt speed synchronized with the speed of the saw feed

Electrics 400 V / 50 Hz

A 6 RaiMech

The reception-cross conveyor sorting and tape return

The reception, cross conveyor RBAQL + R length 5000 mm, width 2100 mm 30 m / min, a circuit of 8 x
Max. length of 5200 mm elements
Transport riverine elements ready to right and debris left:
The tape sorting SFB (x2) length 1000mm
W. 1800 mm, max. length 2200 mm elements
0.25 kW motor, 5 m / min
Set the right of the cross conveyor for receiving the split strips


-Taśma Return RFB (x2)

0.37 kW motor, 30 m / min,

length 1000mm,

width. 600 mm

Set the left side of the cross conveyor, the return conveyor residues

Electrics 400 V / 50 Hz

We reserve the possibility pomyłek- technical changes in equipment