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Machining center SCHWABEDISSEN S50

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Machining center SCHWABEDISSEN S50
- Machines in stock - After the technical review - Very good
Technical parameters
cutting width 2 200 - 2 600 mm
cutting length 3 700 - 6 700 mm
The maximum cutting height 120 mm
Working height 900 mm
Feed speed:
when cutting
Slitting 18 m / min Back 36 m / min
Transverse cutting 18 m / min return of 18 m / min
when positioning
Slitting 18 / 3m / min
Cross cutting 18/5 / 0.5 m / min
Positioning accuracy of 0.3 mm
The accuracy of angle measurement of 0.3 mm / m
Cutting accuracy of 0.3 mm / 2m
(Can not be cut with greater accuracy due to the stresses produced in plates made of wood and derived timber)
Main engine with a capacity of 2 x 11KW (enhanced version)
Saw blade diameter of 350 mm
1 output suction fi 160
Needed pressure of 6 bar
Total power 18 KW
The machine equipped with 2 independent motors drank. The first slitting, second-cut. Engines included separately on the desktop.
S50 series is a series of powerful circular saws and machines for cutting boards. Clamping plates hold the workpiece during the entire cutting process. Saw transverse and longitudinal switched on separate engines. To ensure the highest cutting quality and accuracy of angles drank system is driven rounded, hardened guides. Saw is ideal for cutting slabs of wood, plastics and mineral materials. Robust construction is rooted in anti-vibration bed, to guarantee maximum precision. The plate pack is not transferred during the cutting, the saw will go directly to the cleavage site.
Saw panel designed for businesses of all sizes. The model was designed for companies with high requirements for power consumption
A plate package during cutting is supported by:
1) Pneumatic tensioner front side
2) Pneumatic clamping on both sides of the saw-cut
3) Pressure roller with pile slitting.
There are 3 ways charging blade
1) Manual (the manual loading plate is aligned beams by air.)
2) With the help of a mechanical feeder
3) fully automatically by loading the next longitudinal elements