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Comec BR 35 SV Complete Photo Exposure Unit

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The BR 35SV is a fully self-contained, easy-to-use semi-automatic photopolymer plate-making system that has been built to help the customer create their own plates. Simple and economic, this exposure unit allows the operator to prepare printing plates starting with exposing a positive film over the plate, washing, and drying the plate, then proceeding to the final exposure step to fully cure/harden the cliché for immediate use. The BR 35SV is equipped with a high efficiency vacuum pump for the UV exposure drawer to securely hold the photopositive to the plate being exposed. The developing tank is constructed of stainless steel with a rotating magnetic plane and a thermostat to precisely control the temperature of the washing solution. The BR 35SV also has a warm air drying drawer. Using polymer plates is fast and economical.  They can be either water washed or alcohol washed.   The process is simple. The plate is placed into the unit with a film positive placed on top of it.  The plastic cover is put in place and vacuum sealed.  The timer is then set usually between 45 and 60 seconds and the plate is exposed. After the film positive art work is exposed, it is removed and replaced with screen.  The plate is re-exposed with the screen for an additional 30 to 60 seconds.  The plate is then developed in either an alcohol wash or water wash (depending on the type of plate you are using) for between 1 and 3 minutes.  After the plate has been developed it is placed in a drying tray for 15 minutes at approximately 150 f to fully dry before the last exposure. Next the plate is re-exposed in the unit for 15 minutes to harden.  Your plate is now ready for use. The type of plate you choose will determine the number of impressions the plate will produce. The aqua nylon (water wash) will last for approximately 10,000 impressions. GN2 (Water wash) 20,000 impressions. Red Polymer (Water Wash) 50,000 impressions. The BR 35SV with (6) 20 watt uv lamps is capable of producing clichés up to 350 x 250mm and has a tank capacity is 15 liters. Sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. Pick-up only. No warranty or reps provided by seller. Schedule a time to view the equipment if desired.

Opening Bid: $500.  NO BUYER PREMIUM.

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