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How to control theasphalt drum mix plant incorporation of concrete into

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Usually, the asphalt drum mix plant is bitumen, but how to control the equipment if concrete is mixed into it? Then simply explain the handling of asphalt mixing plant under special circumstances.

For admixture of concrete, dosage, blending methods and mixing time must be strictly controlled, because these are all important factors affecting the quality of the final product. Neither can it not be neglected because of its lack of numerical control, nor can it be used as a way to save costs. In the meantime, it is forbidden to shorten the mixing time in order to speed up the progress.
The choice of mixed with the method cannot be careless, the demand will be mixed coagulation to mention the use of mixing, shall not be dry mix, in the event of concrete caking can not be used. At the same time, in order to control its stability, but also control the amount of water-reducing agent or air-entraining agent to ensure that the asphalt plant can produce high quality products.