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Symons cone crushers with low price

spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and Symons cone crusher

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Purpose of China Professional Stone Cone Crusher

This machine is suitable for processing gravels, ores, slags and construction waste, and used for the second, three or four level crushing of stones and slags. (http://www.china-sand-maker.com/)

Working principle of China Professional Stone Cone Crusher

The motor drives rotation of eccentric locking collar through belt pulley and gear.And, the spindle shall drive deflection of crushing wall and produce extrusion with rolling mortar wall.When material enters the crushing chamber through upper hopper, it will be extruded and crushed and discharged out of the crushing wall, so as to achieve crushing effect.By adjusting the size of discharging opening.we can get appropriate material particle size.

Characteristics of China Professional Stone Cone Crusher

This machine uses hydraulic clearing system, which reduced downtime and maintenance process in a safe and an efficient way.Its unique hydraulic overload protection system can automatically release foreign matters in machine body such as iron block and can reset immediately to ensure system normal operation.The new structure integrates safe cylinder and cleaning cylinder, making the machine more compact.The method of adjusting the discharge opening changes to hydraulic rotary unit gear adjustment from push cylinder drive.Therefore, the adjustment is more fast and smooth and work efficiency improved greatly.