Privacy Policy


[Revised January 6, 2017]

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain types of information gathered from site users and visitors and how that information is used. You are deemed to have read and agreed to the following privacy policy in using this website. Please refer to Terms and Conditions regarding definitions of specific terms. Policies are subject to change without prior notice.

Data Collected: collects registration information entered when the voluntary registration is completed to become a user of the site. This includes name, address, and e-mail address. Any information posted through feedback will also be collected. Collected information is stored even after “deletion” and may be archived elsewhere. Logs and records are stored indefinitely. makes a good faith effort to secure collected information but cannot guarantee complete security.

Privacy Protection:
Your user name is displayed through (and so becomes public). does not release, sell, or trade this collected information in the user registration with outside third parties without your explicit consent. We respect your desire for privacy. Users may post links to third party websites that have different privacy policies. does not have any control of, and are not responsible for these policies. Users are responsible for reading and understanding these policies.

Circumstances data maybe released: will disclose information in response to legal requirements and regulations. Information required in response to, court orders, subpoenas, and other legal requirements will be released when appropriate. Information may also be shared with service providers contracted to help with business operations. Information posted by users under the age of 18 will not be authorized or collected and will be removed if it is known that the user is under this age.

Search Engines and Other Sites:
Sites not affiliated with such as search engines and other sites make available and archive listings, postings, or other provided data on their sites. has no control or liability in regards to how other search engines and other sites may use the information posted.

International Users:
International users understand that providing data and communication outside their resident jurisdiction to other users of may be stored on servers located in the United States. International users consent to the transfer of this data and communication by providing it to the site and other users.

Data Use:
Personal information provided by users will only be used internally for purposes. Visitors to the site can browse without disclosing personal information. This information will only be necessary when becoming a registered user of the site to list items and/or contact sellers to complete transactions. After users decide to complete a transaction the seller will receive the contact information of the buyer. At this point a mutual agreement to further communications are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.

Financial Information: does not participate in, collect, or use financial information used to complete transactions. Transaction completion is the sole responsibility and mutual agreement between buyer and seller. The purpose of this site is merely to connect buyers and sellers.